Water Management Services

Selecting the best water supplier for you is crucial because water brokers are crucial to the newly reformed water market. 

With the opening of the competitive water in April 2017, British companies and government agencies can now freely transfer their water suppliers. 

The market is now more competitive as a result of this. Additionally, this is spurring innovation in the water sector, which will ultimately improve the experience for end users. With an open market, the value of water brokers is not stressed enough. 

POLAR UTILITIES supports the open water market and will represent our clients by advising them on the ins and outs of the new, cutthroat industry.

Water is now open for business!

As of 1 April 2017, most businesses and organizations in England have the option to choose their water supply firm thanks to the current changes to the water market.

It is no longer the case that qualified companies, nonprofit organizations, and clients in the public sector must only purchase business water services from their neighborhood water supplier. They can now select their own water supply in place of this. You can opt to use a single provider for wastewater services and another for water supplies, or you can use one provider for both.

To find out which provider would provide you the greatest deal on business water in the following categories:

  • Your invoices and payments.
  • Reading your meter.
  • Customer support, and tips for conserving water

Our professional reference to retailers and wholesalers water suppliers in the open water market may be of assistance if you have any questions concerning your water supplier or your water contract.

With so much choice, your company may be able to save water. When you use our business water supplier comparison tool, you will save money and receive numerous other advantages.

A competitive water market has the following advantages:

  • Greater value for the money.
  • Cutting down on expenses and costs.
  • Enhancing the quality of the client service you receive.
  • Customized solutions, including unified billing, can assist your business become more water-efficient.

Switching of water supplier is very easy.

It is relatively easy to change your water supplier. You are totally free to switch your business's water supplier at any time if you haven't already agreed to a new water contract. You can take action and look at the new offers that other suppliers are putting on the market if you are dissatisfied with your current water supply or if you have had any prior problems.

How It Works?

It takes very little to no effort on your part to switch:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Just send your bill

We will look through the market on your behalf to locate a tariff that best fits your company using our intelligent technologies.

Choose a tariff

We will help you select the appropriate tariff and duration of contract, and we will forward a selection of the best available pricing.

Let us handle the rest

Everything will be handled by our energy specialists, including managing your energy contracts and negotiating with suppliers.