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"At Polar Utilities our mission is very simple to Save Maximum on the Electricity, Gas, Telecom, Broadband & Water users for any scale of business. When it comes for the comparison, we are fully dedicated and biased to your business to create a strong & professional relation where we could help businesses save more "Time and Money". Our energy professionals can help businesses save up to 40% as compare to what suppliers offer directly to the businesses and could also help save up to extra 10% as compare to any brokers in the market."


Way To Reduce Your Business Energy Prices

You might not always be getting the greatest bargain available from your current supplier, particularly if you don’t have a fixed-rate contract. We save you time and money by doing the market research and daily comparison from big six and all small energy suppliers. No matter how your energy demands usage, our unified service gives you access to all of our experience. We were formerly known as The Energy Experts. We provide free, unbiased advise, so you don’t have to worry about feeling pushed to accept a specific contract. We also handle the problems related to metering.

Our Services

To find the best energy contracts at the best price at any given time, we provide a free, unbiased, independent brokerage service. We leverage our bargaining ability and high-level connections across all UK energy supplier providers to secure the best pricing on contracts for each and every one of our clients. Since we get paid by the provider who wins your business, we don’t charge for this service. “Any business that spends more than £10,000 a year on gas and electricity can receive special bespoke prices with terms and conditions that can be customized to fit each organization.”

Business Electricity comparison

You are undoubtedly losing out on some big savings if your business has been operating under the same electricity price for years. You must understand business.

Business Gas Comparison

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Water Management Services

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Business Telephone Services

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